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Happy New Year!! [01 Jan 2005|01:17pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Wow, so I haven't posted in a few months...not because nothing exciting has happened to me, just because I haven't had the energy to write it down. For wanting to be a writer, I sure have to be dragged kicking and screaming to actually write. Anyway...It has been 2005 for 12 hours and 25 minutes. New Years Eve wasn't that exciting. I never really find it all that exciting, except for last year when Ryan and I went to Disneyland. THAT was exciting. But not so much any other time. It's actually really corny the way you toast and scream Happy New Years, I think. And I can say that now because people can't label me as just another single bitter teenager. I have a boyfriend, so I am not New Years bashing because I'm alone. I just think it's funny how we celebrate a new year by making ourselves promise to do things that we will never do. Like quit smoking. Or stop spending money. Who actually keeps those resolutions?! If you're gonna promise to do something, you should make it something reasonable. Like, I promise to breath. That I can handle. All in all I just see a new year as a reason to be ridiculed for writing the wrong year on my papers. But Happy New Year all the same!!

Christmas was good. I got OODLES of good presents, which I'm going to write in here so I will remember who gave me what when I'm writing out my thank you cards. So here goes:

 From My Parents:

~A very expensive and very heavy die-cut machine so I can make my own cool paper designs for my scrapbooks. As well as seven die-cuts to go in the machine. It's actually quite cool how it works.

~A 2005 black and white Paris calender

~Cranium (very fun game!!)

 ~Sex and City Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD

~$30 gift card to Bath & Body Works

~Paris Then and Now...a book with really pretty black and white pictures of old Paris and current Paris.

~Shower gel, lotion and soap from Bath and Body Works

~Two things of scrapbook paper for my die-cuts

~A kitty scrapbook kit and a Christmas scrapbook kit

~A set of like 40 pretty gel pens

~Two Christmas Mad-libs (which I have enjoyed a LOT already!)

~Parisian stationary and a notebook

~A flashlight. Which apparently is a Christmas tradition, lol

~A mother/daughter ornament


From Ryan:

~Scene it? Disney version...which somehow Kevin beat me at. POO! (I SO almost won though!)

~Puckers, my most adorable giraffe from Safeway which no other stuffed giraffe can even COMPARE to!!! HE'S SO SOFT AND CUDDLY AND CUTE!!!

~A pretty frame with Ryan and Me in black in white photo. That was not a good sentence, but that's what it is!


~Chinese Checkers, which I am no good at but still like to play!

~Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for Gamecube, yay!!! Once I am able to save it I will kick the game's butt (with Ryan's help of course!)

~A Tamagotchi (yes, they still exist!) which I haven't killed yet! I'm even on the second generation, despite Kevin's best efforts to kill it off by feeding it until it was 100 pounds.

~A wittle penguin picture holder! Teeheheehee.


From My Grandparents:

~An old-school popcorn popper, which makes yummy popcorn. And no nauseating smell like with microwave popcorn.

~$50 gift card to Target, dunno what I'm gonna buy yet.

~Shrek 2, which has like the BEST music EVER!!!!!!!!  I wish I could find that cd. :(

~A makeup kit

~A manicure kit


From My Great-Grandmother:

~A sweatshirt which I will never wear, but it's the thought that counts.


From My Grandma Fern:



~Island of the Blue Dolphins

~A floofy purple pen

~$50 cash


From My Auntie Robyn:

~A Hello Kitty Toaster which actually toasts Hello Kitty's picture on the side of what you are toasting.

~A $200 Visa gift card (yes, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!)


From My Auntie Gayle:

~An old school camera which flips down. Pretty flingin flangin awesome!!

~A pink Barbie-esque leather jacket

~A very intricately stiched pink scarf

~Three pairs of shoes which I do not need, including one pair that I think I already have. C'est la vie.

~A pair of dark velvety pants, a black and pink and purple, etc. turtle neck and a black and purple low cut shirt

~Two pairs of jeans, and another shirt, which I returned to Macy's along with two shirts she gave me for my birthday and I got $160 in store credit, so with that I bought: a pair of jeans that fit, four tank tops that are all the same except one's white, one's black, one's green and one's blue, a Harley Davidson meets Western pink overshirt and a brown shirt that says.....HERSHEY'S MILK CHOCOLATE on it!!! Heeheheee.


So now then, in conclusion, if you are thinking I'm a wee bit of a spoiled brat....YOU'RE RIGHT!!!  But I don't care because I have SOOOO much cool stuff!!!!!!!  And I still have $328 to spend!!!  Woohoo!!!

Ryan comes tomorrow and we're going shopping and to the snow, I can't wait!!  I've missed that boy. 

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YAY! WOOHOO! YIPEE!! [15 Nov 2004|08:27am]
[ mood | excited ]


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