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In the Name of Love

One Night in the Name of Love

3 September
"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."
-Nelson Mandela
alice in wonderland, amour, animated movies, being a princess, being in love, being right, being tickled, best friends, blue bayou, bonjour, books, cake, california screamin, carmel, cats (not the musical), change, chicken divine, children's books, childrens lit, chocolate, christmas, christmas smell, clean clothes, clean rooms, colonial williamsburg, costumes, crunchy leaves, delias, disney music, disneyland, disneyness, donner lake, elf, fairy dust, family guy, farmers markets, fashion, fireplaces, florent pagny, free stuff, fridge magnets, friends, funkyness, gamebox, gift certificates, halloween, happy garden, harry potter, he flew, holidays, hot pink, hugs, kisses, kittens, kuzco's posion, lady bugs, laughing, libraries, lifetime original movies, little kids, love, macys, marian keyes, mario party 5, matterhorn, memories, molly, monte cristo, morro bay, moulin rouge soundtrack, movies, my multi-colored lamp, my pumpkin freddy, my videocamera, naked thursday, new sn's, paris, penguins, presents, procrastinating, pumpkins, puppies, quarters, quiet, reading, refried beans, reno 911, revenge, ryan a dot, ryan singing, san fran, santa, scrapbooks from ryan, sea otters, serendipity, sex and the city, shopping, singing to myself, small towns, smiling, snl, snow, snuggling, splash mountain, spongebob, spooning, stickers, sunglasses, sweatshirts, taboo, taking pictures, target, the golden girls, the nanny, the princess bride, thunder mountain, tickle butt, tower of terror, toys, victorias secret, weekends, what not to wear, winnie the pooh, writing, yoshi soci